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My Ethos

Be mindful of what goes into your body
emotionally, spiritually and physically

I first qualified in aromatherapy and anatomy and physiology in 2003. It didn't take long to realise that my interest was in alleviating pain and easing disabilities, rather than the beauty side of the industry. I am a firm believer in alternative treatments  and will always research and if appropriate train in new and unusual therapies.

Eastern therapies span back thousands of years, hence my training in Thai Herbal compress massage. I was lucky enough to visit Thailand earlier this year and was blown away by their culture and outlook on life. Truly the Land of Smiles. The massage forms just a small part of their wellbeing and they have an 'holistic' approach to life - the basis of my business. I am looking to further my experience in this field.

In a treatment I will enquire into a client's lifestyle rather than just the 'ache or pain'.

All of my treatments use natural, chemical and paraben free products sourced from UK based companies. Hence Spa Find Dead Sea mineral salt products based in Kent and Songbird Naturals using natural beeswax and oils.

I hope this gives an insight into what I believe to be the best way forward to give my clients the best possible experience.

We only have one life and should nurture it

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