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20th February 2021

Herbal Foot Soak

‘The weight of the world is being carried on your shoulders’. What about our feet? They carry us everywhere but we don't pay enough attention to them.Indulge yourself to a mini spa-session at home by creating a natural and relaxing warm foot soak. Just 20-30 minutes before bed will put your body in a relaxed state and help induce sleep. This wellness practice is known to reduce stress, boost circulation, and soothe achy feet after a long day (yes, even if you’re living that sedentary lifestyle).No strenuous effort is needed – to create the ultimate relaxing experience turn off the computer and TV – turn on dimmed lighting and some calming music.

Foot soaks include herbal ingredients such as ginger, safflower, lavender, orange, Epsom salts, orange, green tea, and grapefruit, so add some to your soak for pro-level pampering.End your day with the ‘feelgood' factor – if you are struggling with the ingredients I am more than happy to create something special for you.

Written by June Burton.

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